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Alicia Rio

Born in La Capita, Mexico, Alicia was working as a city employee until she decided to try her hand at erotica. Her first appearance was in 'More Dirty Debutantes #12,' where her fiery Latin lust got noticed. Her raven-haired, olive-skinned Latin beauty often gets overlooked in favor of leggy blonde starlets, but Alicia Rio's tireless efforts and fiery approach to sex won her many fans. She entered adult films in 1991, and ranked as one of the biggest stars in the business by the time she left, late in 1994. Alicia Rio worked her way into the first rank of hardcore adult stars within a year. She brought real excitement and enthusiasm to each scene she sexed in, and loved men and women equally. Check out this Latin love queen in 'Sorority Sex Kittens II ' and The Dream Team'




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Les âmes tatouées

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Une histoire de passion adultère.
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