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Une histoire de passion adultère.
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Juli Ashton

Juli Ashton has gorgeous blue eyes, blonde hair and the best legs in the business. Juli is originally from Colorado. Before making the trek to California to start her adult career, Juli lived in Florida where she was a school teacher. She worked at a strip club where she really hit it off with two other Shayla LaVeaux and Alexis DeVell. One of Juli’s greatest charms is her girl next door demeanor combined with a ferocious sexual appetite. She currently host her on show on PlayBoy called Nightcalls!


Juli Ashton 3 Pack
SALE! 3 Pack includes Black Boots, Vortex and Queen of S.M.U.T. ONLY $49.95


Being with Juli Ashton
Being with Juli Ashton
Buried Treasure Consenting Adults Dark Garden
Dark Garden
Darling Essentially Juli Black Boots
Black Boots
Fade to Blue
Fade to Blue
Corporate Assets 2
>Corporate Assets 2
Diva 1: Caught in the Act Mutual Consent
Best Friends Digital Debutantes Deep Inside Juli Ashton
Deep Inside Juli Ashton
Juli Ashton Ultra Realistic Anus with Pussy
Queen of S.M.U.T.
Queen of S.M.U.T.
Juli Ashton & Friends: Anything Goes! Juli Ashton Pocket Missile The Scarlet Woman
Virgin Porn Stars Vol.1 New Wave Hookers 4






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