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Une histoire de passion adultère.
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Hyapatia Lee


"This Native American beauty has been a fan favorite since her career in 1982's . Hyapatia's exceptional beauty, classy appearance, has bought to exceptional heights in the Adult industry. Hyapatia took some time off to have two babies and returned to porn more unbridled and uninhibited than ever. She also performs with her hard rock band W4IC (Double Euphoric) when she's not sexing it up for the cameras. Her raven hair, tanned and taut figure, combined with a stunningly beautiful smile, make her special indeed. In 1995, Hy won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Free Speech Coalition." -- Adam Film World.
The Complete Hyapatia Lee Truth of Dare Snake Dance Sweet Young Foxes
Swedish Erotica Vol: 24 Swedish Erotica vol.19 I Do vol.3 Sleeping Beauty Aroused
Hyapatia Lee's The Ribald Tales Of Canterbury Love Letter I Do vol.1 True Confessions Hyapatia
Legends of Porn Part II Vol.5 I Do vol.2
I Do vol.2
Made in Japan Lust in the Woods
Triangle Centerfold Put That Razor Down The Land Lady
Hyapatia Lee's The Ribald Tales Of Canterbury Deep Inside Hyapatia Lee Heavenly Hyapatia





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